A Collision Between Art & Technology

Hi. We’re Sovereign Moon Studios. We’re an asymmetrical thinkers and tinkerers. We play in the worlds of story, music, film, sound and interactive experiences. We’re thankful you stopped by today.

We Are  Sovereign Moon Studios – We Bring Creative Ideas to Life

Hi! We’re Sovereign Moon Studios and our mission is to help creative minded people bring their technically complex creative ideas to life. We believe that creative projects should be uncompromisingly strong and relentlessly strive for standards that exceed the end user’s already high expectations. This has been our approach when launching our own creative projects and this is our approach when we work on client projects.

Our Spectrum is Wide & Our Knowledge Runs Deep

Our interests are wide ranging and diverse. We tend to work at the intersection where creativity and technology meet. We launch projects in different creative industries including film, music, audio design, 3D animation, creative software and interactive experiences such as games.

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From Conceptualization To Launch & Beyond

Sovereign Moon Studios is a creative studio that sees a project through from its birth onwards. We take complex technical ideas that are yet to be realized and we focus on finding ways to bring these visions to life without compromise. Whether we’re launching a new cinematic virtual instrument, UI components for 2D VST hard surfaces, a course on no-code game design or anything else, we put 100% of our hearts into our projects. 



A Handful of Things We Do…

We’re tinkerers at heart and we like to play in many different creative fields including film, music, audio design, instrument design, creative software solutions and much more. Below, you’ll find the six main creative verticals we work in the most. This isn’t all that we do, but it will give you an idea of where and how we spend our time. 

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Story Telling 

Over the last two years we’ve been hard at work creating a storytelling software solution that guides writers through the novel / screenplay writing process. These products contain tools for story visualization and much more.


Film & Docs

We have over 2 decades of experience working in film. We’ve worked on everything from features and shorts to docs, music videos and experimental films. We also run film software for casting, shot lists and storyboards.       

Music & Audio

We create music and help other musicians do the same. We also have a growing line of virtual instruments (VST) and we help other instrument designers conceptualize, design and launch their own VSTs.

Interactive / Games

We have an entire branch dedicated to interactive experiences and games. We focus on building our own games and helping other artists or game devs bring their ideas to life.

Creative Software

We’ve launched various creative software projects over the last few years primarily in the writing and film niches. Our portfolio of software products is constantly growing.


We do a lot of experiments in the worlds of sight and sound. We do these experiments out of sheer curiosity. You can read through our experiments on our blog.

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Want to Join the Team? 

If you’d be interested in working at Sovereign Moon Studios, simply reach out to us today and let us know a little bit more about how you’d like to contribute.