Unity & 3D Game Kit Beginners Tutorial

In this free tutorial series, we’ll teach you how to develop and design 3D video games from scratch. No coding or art skills required! 

Sovereign Moon Studios is dedicated to helping game enthusiasts bring their creative visions to life by teaching them how to make a video game from scratch without having to know how to code or draw. ⚡

Learn How to Make 3D Video Games With 3D Game Kit

Today, Sovereign Moon Studios, the makers of your favorite NoCode game development course, are excited to bring you a FREE lite version of our course to help introduce you to the world of NoCode game making. This is the first part of a ten part video series where we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to make a video game without having to know how to code, draw or animate.

Let’s jump in!


Hi and welcome back to the 2nd tutorial in our sci-fi no-code game development series. In this tutorial we’re going to familiarize ourselves with the free 3D game kit world.

Now before we jump in, I just want to remind you that we offer a comprehensive no-code space and sci-fi game development course which will go into much more detail than we can go into in these shorter YouTube videos, So if you enjoy these videos but want to take it a step further by diving deeper below the surface then consider enrolling in our more comprehensive online course.

With that said, let’s jump in.

So let’s take a look at the scene you have in front of you now.

nocode video game course

Notice it’s quite a dark, mechanical and symmetric environment. This was all built using 3D game kit’s built in art assets. And over the course of this tutorial series, I’m going to have you build something similar without having to know how to program, draw or animate objects.

But before we get into building, let’s first familiarize ourselves with the free 3D game kit asset.

What You Get With 3D Game Kit

So after you’ve installed and imported 3D game kit, you can start building your own worlds using their game world templates.

With the 3D game kit, you get a lot more than just 3D art assets. The entire world is prebuilt so that you can focus on making small tweaks rather than building systems from scratch. For example, your environmental assets like rocks and stone structures already come with pre-built collision meshes on them so your character can walk on top of these objects, rather than walk or fall through them.

The game kit also comes with a pre-rigged character named ellen who comes with a handful of pre-built animations. You’ll also have a skybox and skybox camera pre-setup for you. The skybox is the world you see around you at a distance. Traditionally, these seemingly small things take a long time to set up and program. However, with 3D game kit, they are all pre-programmed for you and work out of the box.

So let’s start playing around with this system to see how it works:

nocode game development unity

Loading The Sample Levels

So at this point, you should have downloaded and installed Unity and the3D Game Kit add-on. Now with Unity and 3D game kit loaded, you can load a sample scene by going over to you scenes folder by expanding the 3D game kit section, then expanding scenes, and then click on the gameplay folder. Here you see two sample levels, level 1 and level 2. You can double click on level 1 to load that sample scene. This might take a couple minutes.

Unity 3D game kit beginner tutorial

Once the sample scene is loaded, you can click on this play button to move around the world using the W,A,S,D keys on your keyboard as your up, down, left, right controllers. You can also use your spacebar to jump and the left mouse button to use your weapon if your character is armed.

Play around with this sample scene for a bit and look at the world not as a game player, but as a game maker. At this stage your mind should be filled with questions like how is the lighting being generated, how were these objects made and placed into the scene, why is my character not falling through the ground. What’s stopping them? So explore this world and start asking questions about how this sample scene was made.

Time To Build Your Own World

When you are done playing around within this game world, it’s time to go and build our own. So click “esc” on your keyboard or you can re-click on the play button to exit game mode and jump back to our scene editor.

Now that we’re ready to start building, we need to create a blank scene. To do this, click on “kit tools” and then ‘create new scene”. Now what you’ll see is that we have a new scene created with our character and some sample terrain. You can now click play to enter into your new scene. As you can see, it’s not much, but we have the building blocks to build something much bigger and more interesting.

3d game kit create new scene

Becoming a Pro at Navigating Unity

Now, we’re about to start building, but just before we do that I want to make sure that you are a pro when it comes to navigating around Unity, so the next couple tutorials will be geared at helping you better understand the interface and scene navigation controls. This will allow you to speed up your workflow and build environments and games much quicker.

If you’re already familiar with unity, keyboard shortcuts, navigation controls and the interface, you skip passed the next two videos in this series. However, if you’re new to all of this, please ensure you watch the videos in the proper sequence.

So that’s all I have for you for this tutorial.

I’ll provide a link to the next tutorial in the description below.

Also, below you’ll find a link to our more comprehensive space and sci-fi game development course, so make sure you visit and bookmark that page for future reference if you want to take your sci-fi game making skills to the next level.

I’ll see you over in the next tutorial.

Sovereign Moon Studios is dedicated to helping game enthusiasts bring their creative visions to life without having to know how to code or draw. Our NoCode game development course teaches indie game devs how to build breathtaking games from scratch. ⚡

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