Game Development Course For Kids

Hi. We’re Sovereign Moon Studios. We want to help your kids learn how to make video games from scratch. No coding or art skills required. 100% NoCode! 

Let Us Teach Your Kids How to  Make Video Games!

Hi! We’re Sovereign Moon Studios and we want to teach your kids how to make video games from scratch using no-code game development tools. Using no-code tools will introduce them to the logic of programming without overwhelming them code. This allows them to gain confidence by focusing on the creation of their first video game.

We Guide Kids Through the Development & Design of Their First Game

We take an outcomes based approach to teaching. We believe that kids learn best when they are passionate about what they are learning. Therefore, we kick our game development course off by allowing your child to come up with their own story ideas and we provide the structured framework for them to bring their idea to life. 

No Coding or Art Skills? Not a Problem!

Making a video game can be hard. There are many things that need to come together in order to make a game that you’re child can be proud to show off. Our main focus is on making sure they feel proud of their completed project. Therefore, we’ve made all of the necessary art and technology decisions that will help ensure they arrive at their final goal feeling a sense of wonder and pride.

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What’s Your Kids Game’s Style? Build Sci-Fi, Fantasy, RPG, FPS Games and More!

We want your child to be able to make a game in the genre that they love most. We’ve built our game development course for kids to be flexible enough to allow your child to mold our lessons around their preferred game genre. The game logic is the if a spaceship is collecting a space mineral as it is if an elf is picking up a magic emerald. We teach them how to use no-code game development tools to shape their game world to their liking. 

Young boys and girls love our game development course because it allows them to bring their story to life in near real time. 



What Software Do The Kids Use To Make Their Video Game?

We use free game development tools and plugins to bring your child’s game idea to life. The game engine we use is free (as long as your child’s game makes less then $100,000 / year from their game). All of the software we use is compatible on both PC and Mac devices. 

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World Planning 

We’ll teach your kids how to tell a good story and how to build emmersive 2D game worlds. We kick off the course by inspiring your kids with breathtaking 2D game that they can draw inspiration from. 


2D Object Design

Kids get their hands dirty on day one building worlds and placing objects within their worlds. We make sure that kids in our course understand how physics works within a game world

Textures & Shading

Once we’ve completed our world objects, we’ll need to give our objects texture and customize their materials. In our texture and materials module you’ll learn how to make your world look exactly as you want. 

Lighting & Emission

Lighting has a huge impact on your production. In our lighting and emission module you’ll learn about color theory, color temperature, light types and much more. 

Sprite Animation

No project would be complete without animation. In our rigging and animation module you’ll learn how to move your characters and objects around in a 2D and 3D space.  

Pixel Art Classes

In our space physics module you’ll learn how to control the movement of objects in space. We’ll experiment with NoCode tools that allow us to set an object’s gravity, friction and more. 

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How Much Does The Course Cost? 

Enrollment in our course costs regularly costs $199 but for a limited time is being offered for $79. This will give you 1 year access to our 4 hour (36 module) online course. The course also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Ready To Enroll?

If you’ve been sitting an a game idea you’ve been dreaming about bringing to life, now is the time. Enroll in our course today to learn a new skill set that will open up new doors and possibilities that you would have never though possible. The course enrollment fee is regularly $199, but the course is currently on sale for $79.

We look forward to having you as our newest student! 

After your enrollment you get INSTANT ACCESS to the course.

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