Tired Of The Ordinary Investment Opportunities On Earth?

Hi. We’re Sovereign Moon Studios. We’re an incubation studio that builds and grows¬†micro space startups in collaboration with our project partners.¬†

A New Asset Class For Space Investors & Astropreneurs

The future belongs to pioneers of today ?. If you’re an investor, entrepreneur, scientist or engineer with imagination and you’re looking for a new adventure, we might have just want you’re looking for. Sovereign Moon Studios is a venture building studio that builds, grows and manages micro-space startups. ? Watch the video to the left to learn more.¬†¬†

Micro Space Project Launch, Management & Growth

It doesn’t cost millions of dollars to get involved in the space industry any longer. New opportunities are arising and entry costs are dropping. Our focus is on launching micro-space projects from scratch, growing them using innovative bottom of the funnel content strategies (which gives us organic leverage) and ultimately monetizing them so they become projects that can sustainably fuel their own growth for years to come (our past projects earn between $4000 – $20,000 / month in revenue). If you’re looking to diversify your asset portfolio, get in touch with us to learn how you can become a partner.¬†

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Forward-Thinking Asset Ownership Strategies

At Sovereign Moon studios, we know that it’s easy to get excited about space and get caught up in the hype. We’re entering into largely untested waters and it’s easy to get excited about the possibilities. However, we don’t let excitement blind us from sound business strategy or the importance of building strong business foundations. Our near 100% hit rate is due to our rigorous early planning and staged monetization models, and our ability to look objectively at our ideas and pivot when necessary. This helps us reduce our exposure to risk while maximizing ROI.

Active Project Control  & Ownership

Sovereign Moon Studio is unique as a venture builder and startup studio because we focus on building value for our clients by conceptualizing, developing and marketing micro space projects. As a Sovereign Moon client, you’ll start off with 100% project ownership. We only come on board as partners if we hit our ambitious project milestones. Our performance based model means we only succeed if you succeed.

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Data Backed Growth Models Built To Scale

We’re masters of bootstrapped and feisty growth strategies. We can build and grow things at 1/10th the cost and 10x the speed that other companies can, using both our own experience and data backed growth models.


Micro Space Projects With Focus

When launching a new space startup, we help keep costs low and accelerate our time to market by designing startups with realistic project scope. This allows us to launch quickly, get feedback and focus on hyper growth.     

The Creation of AAA Space Assets

We work with the best UX & UI designers, programmers, engineers, project managers and marketers to ensure your project starts off on the right foot. You’ll be the owner of a project you can be proud of.

Aligned Interests For Maximum Returns

At Sovereign Moon Studios, we self-impose development and growth milestones on ourselves. This ensures that all members of the launch team are incentived to hit performance benchmarks. Everyone having skin in the game allows us to bring your project further faster.

Long Term Vision With Early Wins

We work hard daily to hit our monthly targets. By continuously hitting those monthly targets, we’ll hit our quarterly milestones. Even though we don’t expect overnight success, we do focus on getting our projects monetized and self-sustainable as quickly and early as possible.

Venture Builder For Adventurers

Is there an adventurer within you? Are you looking for something exciting while at the same time being grounded on sound business principles? At Sovereign Moon Studio, we build micro space startups that are both exciting and built on strong business foundations.

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What’s on the Launch Pad?¬†

We have many projects on deck including projects in space software (mission control dashboards), launch technology, open source space hardware and near space ship design. Alternatively, if you have your own idea and you’d like to run it by us, simply contact us and we’ll see if it’s a good fit.¬†?

Rovers & Robotic Transportation

With increased activity within space, researchers will have an increased need for modular rovers designed to be able to survive on alien planet while being able to carry out scientific and research missions. 

Micro Satellites & Communication

There is increasing demand for cubesats and Nano satellites. Rocket ride-share programs have dramatically reduced the cost of getting to space and businesses and academic institutions in line waiting.  

Meteorite  Marketplace

There are countless space projects on the horizon and the public is becoming increasingly excited about space. More and more people will want to own a piece of space and our meteorite marketplace will allow just that.